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summer rain
The Blurb

Summer Rain

It’s just an ordinary Wednesday. At least I thought so. Everyone says their goodbyes and leaves the crowded table to head home for the night. Now it’s just me and him. In this moment the scenarios and possibilities run wildly …

over the rainbow
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Over the Rainbow

…..continuation of The Other Side of the World I lived in Toronto, Canada for almost a year. I arrived in the summertime of 2018. I’ve seen and felt the seasons in full circle. The sunshine and fun of summer, the …

after the rain
The Blurb

After the Rain

The words ‘after the rain’ typically means that once an event is over there is a sense or feeling of new, fresh and clean. However, I am still feeling awash. How much rain is it going to take? In the …

time wasting technology
The Blurb

Time Wasting Technology

Be aware of how you spend your time. Recently I noticed how I spend a lot of time on my mobile phone with mind-numbing activities. Playing games, reading so-called “news” items or scrolling through Instagram and Facebook instead of feeding …

just drive
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Freedom is

Driving on an open road A quiet mind No schedules Time by myself Alarm free mornings A one way ticket Singing in the car Walking through the forest Reading all day Flying above the clouds Sand between my toes Travelling …

darkest days
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Darkest Days

** Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash This is for the light you could not see. What I loved most was our connection. Deeper on levels that others may not ever experience or understand. We shared the same quirky sense of humour and …

another dimension
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Another Dimension

As the daylight hours pass her by, she finally stops being productive and conscientious. She lies down across her bed to forget about her life as she knows it. In this moment all the thinking and planning for the future …

Me n Mum
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Before Too Late

Mum, before it’s too late, I want you to know this; You are my rock. The person I could call and who would always answer. The person who listens the hardest. Listens to me cry. Listens to my achievements. Listens …

fantasy world
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Fantasy World

She closes her eyes and dreams of him. There they are alone in his bedroom after all this time. Something she has been waiting for and imagining for what feels like days, months, forever. Maybe her entire adult life. They …

letting go
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Learning to let go

Many of us have done this. Moved house and moved again, stacking and storing our possession in boxes and never getting them out. Truth be told, I’ve been carrying around several boxes for years and haven’t needed a single thing …